Services We Provide
We provide snowmobile service and repair, primarily on vintage snowmobiles
up through 2008.
This includes minor service and repair, tune-ups, etc. on
various makes and models vintage sleds, depending on what is needed.

Our lead technician, Philip Desborough has 30+ years of technical expertise,
and has extensive service experience.

We can
assist you in identifying parts of older vintage sleds through 2008, and
depending upon parts
are available or what is needed, if it is minor and we
have the parts needed to repair your sled, we'll provide you with an estimate of
parts and labor before work begins. If your sled requires parts that we do not
have in stock, we will work with you on finding a way to obtain the parts
yourself, so that the job can be successfully completed.

We try to make every accommodation to meet your needs.  

Services include:
All types of Snowmobile Repair
Engine Rebuilds and Clutch work
Those tough jobs other places just won't do!